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The construction arena has proven to be particularly difficult for minority company participation. The start-up costs and cash reserves are a substantial burden, and the depth of experience necessary is difficult to generate quickly. There are no formal programs to assist these minority contractors to enter into the construction community.

The Equal Opportunities Act of 1990 attempted to create opportunities for Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE) companies, but as observed, the established goals have not produced the results that were initially planned.

With its knowledge of the minority community, R.J. Leeper Construction has identified specific areas that are impediments to the minority construction community. Following are the steps that R.J. Leeper Construction has taken to encourage and facilitate greater minority participation in all areas:

1) Extensive outreach and contracting opportunity conferences: Our outreach effort is aggressive, comprehensive, targeted and continuing. We will identify all applicable HUBs through the help of Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC), which we have recently used to assist on the outreach of many projects. These Contracting Opportunity Conferences will be held to provide detailed information regarding the project and give interested HUB/MWBEs an opportunity to meet one-on-one with the R.J. Leeper project team. We also understand that there are HUB/MWBE’s which may not be successful in securing a subcontract directly with R.J. Leeper or subcontractors who feel they can better serve as tiered subcontractors due to their operating capacities should have opportunities to participate on the project. We will introduce these firms to potential 1st tier subcontractors at networking sessions.

2) Smaller Bid Packages: Another opportunity that our team is committed to is creating smaller bid packages. During the preconstruction phase, we will attempt to identify opportunities for tailoring bid packages. This process is a useful tool in eliminating barriers to HUB/MWBE participation based on our knowledge of the HUB/MWBE subcontracting community.

3) Technical assistance: HUB/MWBE’s may need assistance during construction of the project. R.J. Leeper stands ready to provide assistance, so that the HUB/MWBE can successfully complete the project. Managerial assistance is also offered to assist in the development of HUB/MWBE firms such as training on “Davis Bacon” wage requirements.

4) Contract compliance: We are committed to comply with and exceed goals and expectations set by our clients. Our project team, along with our HUB/MWBE Coordinator, will personally review the progress of the HUB/MWBE’s effort to ensure compliance.

5) Preparation of reports: We will prepare monthly reports on contracts awarded to HUB/MWBE’s and payments to HUB/MWBE’s. R.J. Leeper will continue to evaluate how our HUB/MWBE firm’s capacity is being increased by the results of our outreaches. Our outreach is only effective if the HUB/MWBE firms truly are growing capacity with each project that they complete with our team. Some of these post-project reporting that we report with the HUB/MWBE firms are; increased revenues, new hires, bonding increase, new technology and skills acquired and increased work territory. This additional reporting is our “report card” on successful HUB/MWBE capacity building.

“As a minority-owned Business, R.J. Leeper Construction understands the importance of diversity and inclusion.” – Sonya Dukes, Vice President and Director of Corporate Supplier Diversity, Wells Fargo & Co.

R.J. Leeper Construction, LLC believes that achieving true long term success is accomplished through a positive contribution to the construction industry, and to the business community as well. One major area of commitment is to the minority-operated subcontractors.

“R.J. Leeper has exceeded our goal of 25% minority participation by averaging 41% throughout the projects completed.” – Calvin W McDougal, Chief Executive Officer, Mecklenburg County ABC Board 

Call us at 704-334-3223 or e-mail Tyrone Harmon at  to find out more about our minority participation opportunities and benefits!

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